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Providing basketball players of all ages with an exceptional learning opportunity, enabling them to accelerate their proficiency in the game and contribute to their personal self-esteem.

Training with Ernie

By training with Ernie Duncan, you will find out what it takes to become the best player you can be!


“Ernie is one of the all-time players at UVM. A very skilled and smart player. He was also was one of the best people to come through our program. He has a lot to offer aspiring basketball players. I highly recommend Ernie to help your child to become the best player and person they can be.”

John Becker – Head Men’s Basketball Coach at the University of Vermont.

“Ernie is a student of the game. An extremely hard worker and he will be a great mentor to the next generation. He is a grinder and his skill level is unbelievable. He is a true champion.”

Jesse Watkins – Head Men’s Basketball Coach at the College of Coastal Georgia.

“Ernie Duncan is one of the best high school basketball players in Evansville history. Not only did he demonstrate that he was going to lead us on the court from the moment he arrived at Harrison but he has been a tremendous ambassador for our program and school off the court as well. His determination and work ethics were unparalleled which afforded him the accolades he has achieved. It was an honor and a privilege to coach him.”

Bryan Speer – Former Head Basketball Coach for Evansville Harrison High School.

Fall in love with the grind

Testimonials from parents

“Ernie is the trifecta in a coach – skills, motivation and love of the game (while bringing a ton of fun for the players). He’s a master at exceptional skills development which I’ve seen firsthand from grade 4 players all the way through high school. My son has been training with Ernie for well over a year – he came to Ernie with ok ball handling and shooting skills and not a ton of thought about game play strategy. In the time he’s spent training with Ernie, I’ve watched his fundamentals transform to the next level and his love of the game intensifies. Ernie truly has a gift and lights up the kids skill and passion, we’ll be working with him for years to come!” – Kathleen.

“Ernie has been coaching and training my daughter for about 6 months. Her game has dramatically improved, but what is more important to me as a Dad is that she is learning the importance of a work ethic and focus. She has become grittier having him as role model. Ernie sets a tone that makes clear that there is only one way to get better: to put the work in. Ernie has credibility because he is still a world class athlete and player. When he demonstrates a move he is the embodiment of the results of hard work. I say to my daughter, “Do you want to learn to shoot? You probably want to listen the best shooter ever to wear a Vermont uniform.” – Chris.

“When it comes to improving your skills on the court, Ernie is a great and patient coach and trainer. Ernie works to understand his players’ goals and motivates the kids to work towards achieving them. This results in my son working hard when he practices on his own to show Ernie that he’s mastered the skill they learned at the last session. Beyond the skills that Ernie can teach on the court, he is such a positive influence and role model for my son. Ernie has taken the time to get to know each of the kids who train with him and offers perspectives that kids can’t get from their immediate peers or parents.” – Nicole.

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